Are spyro and cynder dating


After credits we can see scene with them flying together in the meadow.

I can only say that the culmination of the trilogy is beautifully done and their feelings to each other came so deep and true.

""Just wanting to know, well since I am going to do this." Spyro then took his paw and slowly rubbed it down her belly.

And I would not put you away for anything." The more they made love, the more they could feel emotion setting in.

Spyro personally cooked both his and Cynder's, with his flame breath."That breakfast was delicious, thanks Spyro.""Your welcome." They then walked back to the temple where Ignitus was waiting."Young dragoness." Ignitus greeted Cynder.

"If you think you are ready then, we have the pregnancy test ready.""No offense Ignitus, but we decided yesterday, to do it next week.""Ah, but there is one problem, our doctor is going to be out this week, leaving tomorrow, he will be back in a month, he is going to teach some of the less fortunate free lessons on how to take care of themselves."Cynder nodded at Spyro and said, "Well, since I cannot wait a month, I am in!

With views from the bed there is no need to get up on those lazy mornings to enjoy the beautiful views of Table Mountain with a warm cup of coffee.49 Mill St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001 Fax: Cell: ( 27 73) 819 5472 Email: [email protected]: Above the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find these three restored Mansions - all dating back to 1852.


" Spyro asked."Sure." They both headed out the temple and flew out to find some sheep.

The whole trilogy is a great story that touches your heart.


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