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He immediately proved himself by playing a big role against an Ultron infected Iron Man, assisting against a symbiote mutated city, arresting Doctor Doom, and taking part in the battle against the Hulk and his Warbound.Ares was in charge of punishing his half-brother Hercules for aiding the Hulk.Gaea (great-grandmother); Ouranos (great-grandfather, deceased); Cronus (paternal grandfather, possibly deceased); Rhea (paternal grandmother); Zeus (father); Hera (mother); Discord (wife/sister); Hippolyta, Harmonia, Alcippe, Antiope, Penthesilea (daughters); Deimos, Phobos, Neptune, Pluto (uncles); Demeter, Hestia (aunts); Hephaestus (brother); Apollo, Dionysus, Hercules, Hermes (half-brothers); Erida, Eilethyia (sisters); Artemis, Pallas Athena, Venus (half-sisters); Aeneas, Cupid (nephews) The chain of command. Venus and the Sub-Mariner extracted a pledge from Ares not to engage in further warmongering on Earth. The conflict threatened to spread over all of the Earth, until Ares was forced to put an end to it by his half-sister Venus, whom he has long sought in marriage, and the hero known as the Sub-Mariner.Ares was later forced to help his fellow Olympians when his son Alexander was captured by Mikaboshi.With the help of Zeus, Alexander was freed, and the Kami assisted the Olympians against Mikaboshi.Marvel traveled to Ares' construction site to recruit him for their new Avengers team.Agreeing that the heroes had ruined his civilian cover, Ares eventually agreed to join the team after Iron Man threatened to deport him to Olympus if he did not register with the U. government and promised a salary similar to that of his construction job.


Chaos King later brought Ares back to life to fight him.

Enraged at having been manipulated, he confronted Iron Patriot and vowed to rip his head off.

Before he could launch his attack, however, Iron Patriot signaled for the Sentry.

In recent years, Ares tried to set two of Earth's nations at war with each other.

After this Ares resumed using his Grecian name and withdrew from interacting with the mortal world once again.

Mars attempted to appeal to the pride Dark felt when he previously served in the United States Army, but this did not succeed and Thor was forced to slay Dark.



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