Kamenashi kazuya dating

is a Japanese idol, singer–songwriter, actor, television personality, producer, radio host, and occasional model. Born and raised in Edogawa, Tokyo, he joined the Japanese talent agency, Johnny & Associates, at the age of 12. But it was during the shooting of the Friday “evening melo” drama by Tere Asa, “Second Love” in which Kamenashi and Fukada played characters that were romantically involved with each other that their interest in each other grew deeper.

There is no mistake that the kiss scene caused the two to realize their feelings for each other.

But the magazine did not imply any romantic relationship, as a showbiz insider comments, "I don't think they're an item".

Kamenashi was previously rumored with Kyoko Koizumi, Aya Omasa, and Anne, among others.

He was drafted as a member and co-lead vocalist of the popular J-pop group KAT-TUN in 2001.


He is also one half of the temporary group, Shūji to Akira, whose only single "Seishun Amigo" became the best-selling single of 2005 in Japan. (Person involved with the film) Nonetheless, they are both very popular stars who engage in a large number of projects.



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