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Most of today's games are made to be enjoyed by playing them with and against other players online.The days where you sit on the couch and play with 1-2 other people are pretty much gone.I typically buy the 12 month and I'll explain why in a minute. In fact if you're patient, I know at least the 12 month memberships go on sale from time to time.The 3 months option is good if you're on a tight budget or if you're not sure you'll like Xbox Live. I think I scored my first one on Amazon for .99 which is about off the normal price.I typically avoid the 3 month option because it costs you much more in the long run. If you've got extra cash burning a hole in your pocket you can also pony up the dough for a 24 month Xbox Live Gold membership and take advantage of the discount it offers.If you pay for 12 months of Xbox Live using the 3 month option at .99 you'll pay .96 for a year of Xbox Live. I'm a bit too cheap and try to hold our household to too much of a budget to justify buying the .99 24 month subscription card/code. buying two 12 month cards but the .99 it currently saves me isn't enough to justify the expense.If you aren't comfortable with this do NOT let them use Xbox Live Gold.


;) I prefer not having a credit card linked to my Xbox anyway because it helps prevent fraud and the kids can't "accidentally" purchase something. Xbox Live membership pre-paid cards/codes are available in 3 month, 12 month or 24 month subscriptions. The 12 month card saves me money over a monthly Credit Card billed subscription or the 3 month options.I typically use the "Online Game Code" option which provides you with a code you enter on your Xbox or within your Xbox Live account.This allows me to make the purchase and basically instantly redeem the code on my Xbox Live account.The information below should be helpful in these cases.

If you're not new to Xbox Live Gold, just skip the rest of this review! : To any parents, grandparents, adults and gamers that don't know what Xbox Live Gold is: it's basically an extra service that allows video game players to play with other players via the internet.If you pay with a credit/debit card Microsoft typically automatically renews it when your subscription is up.


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