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Although the USA suffered heavy casualties in the Pacific region during the Second World War, they weren’t active in Malaya, which was then a colony of the British crown.The Japanese invaded the entire peninsula during the war, pushing the British garrisons out of Penang and southward until they were finally forced to leave Singapore.With Cloudflare protecting some major websites - including two-factor authentication service Authy.com, hosting site Digital Ocean, dating site OKCupid, crowdfunding site Patreon.com, notorious Bittorrent tracker The Pirate Bay, and even Transport for London's official website - the flaw is widespread and severe.Cloudflare, for its part, responded to the problem quickly and has since taken down the affected services in order to restore security to its users.Ever since Ocean revealed this past summer that his first love was a man (though, he never defined himself as gay, bisexual or straight), the world has been watching the reclusive singer’s every word and move, waiting to figure out what makes him tick and, to be specific, which gender makes his heart skip a beat.Now, Ocean seems to have inadvertently stoked the flames of gossip about his sexuality as rumors have been swirling that he’s now dating French model Willy Cartier (real name Willy Leservot).The Malaysian and US authorities began putting plans in place to examine the site and recover what they could of the wreckage.


The two soldiers and two airmen carried the flag-bedecked casket across the tarmac and into the plane, an enormous C-130 transport.They were bound for a small aerodrome in Penang, and the trip should have been just like any other.Everything seemed normal, and with the war now behind them, the airmen must have assumed their journey would pass without incident. The aircraft disappeared for no apparent reason and, until recently, without a trace. The weather was favorable for flying, with good visibility and only a little light rain forecast for the day. The three men on board, Judson Baskett, a Flight Officer, William Myers, a First Lieutenant, and Donald Jones, a First Class Private, were never seen alive again.In August this year the recovery of the airmen’s remains finally commenced.


First, the remains were respectfully carried from the wreckage and taken to the Kuala Lumpur.

With the defeat of Japan, the British afterwards re-established their presence in Malaya, until their departure several years later and the founding of the independent state of Malaysia.



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