Sexual health diagnosis online


Easy Health Leaflets produced by Mencap and other organisations explaining issues relating to sex and bodies in easy to understand terms.

Change This human rights organisation led by people with learning disabilities has published accessible books about sex and relationships.


Any medicines prescribed will be specifically for you to treat the condition you described to the doctor.

Yet marital rape did not become a crime anywhere until the 1970s, and it is still a challenging crime to prosecute.

Sexual violence, including rape, harassment, and other forms of sexual assault, occurs in the United States military in high numbers: In 2014, nearly 5% of all women and 1% of all men on active duty reported experiencing at least one instance of sexual assault.

With the Pharmacy2U Online Doctor for just £15* If you can't find the condition you would like help with on our home page, the Pharmacy2U Online Doctor service now offers a private consultation with a UK registered GP.

For a consultation fee of just £15 we will take you through a series of questions tailored to your symptoms which are designed to gather all the information our GP needs.However, sexual violence among service members is an under-reported crime, partially due to the retaliation and/or blame faced by many of the victims who do report the crime, and and it is estimated that only one in four victims of military sexual assault report their attacks.


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