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Whether you like the presentation of someone in a uniform, the connotations, such as a caring nurse or a strong military man that come with a uniform or the pure sophistication and class that oozes from a well dressed individual, whoever you are and whatever your uniform is, someone out there will be irresistibly attracted to you.If this sounds almost too good to be true, then don't let us stand in your way – sign up for free with Uniform Lover dating today and start searching through hundreds of well dressed singles from across the UK looking for their perfect partner who cares about their appearance as much they do.A few guys messaged me and they seemed friendly..then after a brief chat this one guy said " I couldn't stop thing of you last night. You are the one I love and want to spend my life with. Read Full Review I made a big mistake joining this website..i wish I never beard of it. The lady told me that she would make sure I get no further charges. phoned up and cancelled my subscription and so shall see if it does stop or they…I got a trial, not because I'm cheap but because I wasn't sure if I would get my moneys worth. You will be prompted to answer typical dating website questions, but the focus on your professional life should definitely be given some extra attention given the website – this is where bragging about your job could net you some more dates!You can choose from popular uniformed jobs such as a nurse, policeman, pilot, or doctor, although there is an option for non-uniformed professionals as well.

And this site was created for lucky people like me. Read Full Review I had several guys contact me thru the site and every single one turned out to be not genuine. I would definitely recommend this site to my friends. I am in the process of waiting for a refund through apple which take 7-10 days, funny really as they take it out straight away but it takes ages to get the money back... Read Full Review Havent seen it or used it in a few years so cant give it an up to date reveiw but what i can say is I joined this dating site 4 years ago and was really apprehensive about meeting complete nut jobs or being tricked like that programme Catfish!!

If you’re not sure this is the best option for you, Uniform Dating has some interesting short term trials: 10 days at a flat price of £9.99, or 3 days for £3.99.

Those who are keen on saving some money will be pleased to hear that Uniform Dating runs promotional campaigns on a regular basis.

这么快就步入了11月份,同学们知道几天后是什么节日吗?来来来,让我来告诉你们,是!11.11!光!棍!节!真不好意思,一上来就问了貌似很欠扁的问题,寂寞空虚冷的单身孩子们不要太难过,要相信总有一天会遇见那个对的人的!不是找不到,只是时候不到而已。可别说委媛没为你们这群单身狗们考虑啊,找了一些超级靠谱的单身交友网站给大家参考(类似神马百合网、世纪佳缘之类的),希望你们都能早日脱单,携手走进婚礼的殿堂,然后再生个娃(哎呀,想的有点远)。 Tinder是一款手机交友APP,这款应用在推出的两个月内,推荐匹配了超过 100 万对的爱慕者。它的功能特别简单:基于你的地理位置,应用每天为你推荐一定距离内的四个对象,根据你们在Facebook上面的共同好友数量、共同兴趣和关系网给出评分,得分最高的推荐对象优先展示。你可以选择“喜欢”、或者选择“跳过”。假如你喜欢的推荐对象恰好也喜欢你,那么你们就可以互发消息,在Facebook上互相关注,组织线下见面,等等活动,说不定就由“一见钟情”,变为“日久生情”了呢!感兴趣的同学直接打开Apps store下载就行啦,不要害羞哦! 官网: Dating可真的够专业,从怎么开口约人到约会的各种小贴士,应有尽有。同时,若你是在London,Birmingham,Edinburgh,Liverpool,Manchester这样的大城市,这个网站还有更加详尽的约会地点介绍,从景点到餐馆全方位的参考。甚至还为特定的人群提供平台,什么Asian dating, gay and lesbian dating…再说一个有意思的,如果你够忠实,比如认真填写Profile啦,上传了照片啦,经常登录啦,那么你有机会被邀请参加他们新推出的Nights!他们在不同的城市都设有这样的Social Night,主要就是为单身朋友提供更广的交往平台! 官网:这个网站的风格吧,就如它的名字一样和谐“温暖”!那么他们家的卖点是什么呢?“e Harmony Compatibility Matching System”(这个system的研究与实践花了几十年)!同学们只要注册,然后填写一份Questionnaire,e Harmony就会通过这份问卷筛选出与你性格相符的人,听起来确实挺吸引人的!网站上是这么推销的:“e Harmony matches you based on your compatibility in the most important areas of life – such as character, intellect, sense of humour…” 官网: 这个网站吧,点开你们就明白了,算是推荐的这五个网站中最销魂的了!在这个“网池”中有超过500万条鱼在寻找伴侣!!这个庞大的数字基础应该就足以吸引一群人来一探究竟了吧?!网站主要由三个“池子”组成!The single pond就是各种单身啦!The silver pond主要是给超过40岁的单身鱼儿们,最后一个池子吧,叫做The naughty pond!简介是这样的“Adult content…Open minded fish only!


Stylish, attractive and well groomed singles from all over the UK are looking for their perfect, uniformed partner.

Other than that, you can expect the typical dating site registration process.



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