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I dont know why Visual Studio did't give me that specific error at debugging time.

But this error might occure due to some errors in class file.. The fix I found was more specific to development, specifically, debugging on your local machine.

When I switched branch to the staging branch I noticed that it was using the same port address configuration so I opted to change that.

I then received another warning that this reservation conflicts with another configured application.

If you specify x86 as your build platform, visual studio will automatically assign bin/x86/Debug as your output directory for this project.

This is perfectly valid for other project types, except for web applications where ASP.

What worked for me was: it would seem that the problems I had during the conversion had removed the web application project from the build for some reason.

Hopefully this answer helps anyone else that has the same problem...


We recently moved to MVC and had to change it to Web Application.

This obviously caused a compilation problem and hence the "Could not load type Global" exception.



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