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Moto Calc can also do an in-flight analysis for a particular combination of components, predicting lift, drag, current, voltage, power, motor and electrical efficiency, RPM, thrust, pitch speed, propeller and overall efficiency, and run time at various flight speeds.

Note: The script file names are the starting structure version, not ending.

For Example: s9.8.4runs when the structure version is 9.8.4, and after it runs, the database will be at structure version 11.0.03.

You can specify a range for the number of cells, gear ratio, propeller diameter, and propeller pitch, and Moto Calc will produce a table of predictions for each combination.


Moto Calc will predict weight, current, voltage at the motor terminals, input power, output power, power loss, motor efficiency, motor RPM, power-loading, electrical efficiency, motor RPM, propeller or fan RPM, static thrust, pitch speed, and run time..userrole h2 .userrole .booktitle .docbookcontent h2.page-title div#crumbs span.current a.logo:link, a.logo:visited, a.logo:hover, a.logo:active div.docsearch button div.docsearch input#docsearchtext div.navbar.navbar-default.navbar-static-top div.navbar.navbar-default.navbar-static-bottom .



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