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An unsecured property tax bill may also be for real property such as land in some cases.

What makes this tax bill different from the secured tax bill is that the lien for taxes is against the owner of the property.

Urelax may offer the canceled days to the public at a reduced rate.

Refunds will be based only on the days rented and the actual amount collected from the replacement Guest on a per diem basis.

If CANCELLATION is received 61 days or more from arrival, Urelax will refund all deposits received minus a .00 cancellation fee.

If taxes are not paid a lien can be filed against the owner of the property.

Property tax bills are mailed annually in late-November or early-December following the annual budget process.

If you elect to pay by credit or debit card, please be aware that these fees are added to your transaction.

The current fees charged in the County of Santa Clara are: Credit Card: 2.25% of the taxes being paid (minimum .50) Debit Card: 2.25% of the taxes being paid (minimum .95) e Check: No fee for the taxpayer.Disclaimer: County of Santa Clara cannot attest to the accuracy of the information provided by the linked sites.


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